Clan Monaghan

Moments pass and memories fade, even the ones we try desperately to hold on to.  This is why we take photographs, as a visual anchor to the past.  In doing so, we not only remember and learn from past experiences, but are reminded of the beauty and love that surrounds us.  Very grateful to have been allowed the opportunity to do this for Clan Monaghan.



The Widdop Family

Jane contacted me to shoot a family mini session a few weeks ago and asked if they could bring their furkids along for the shoot.  As furkids are always part of the family we were more than happy to oblige.  Here are some of the pics from a fantastic shoot with a great family.

Le Roux Family

Jon, Justin and Katherine wanted to have a family photo shoot done for their mom’s birthday.  We arranged for the whole family (all 15 of them) to meet in our local park one cold afternoon (JHB winters are pretty chilly but the warm afternoon light is so beautiful and the reds and browns of a dry highveld really work well with the warm light).  Here are a few of the images from the shoot.  Hope you like your birthday images Margie.