Summer in Albert’s Farm

Ben and I go for little walks in our local park as often as we can.  In Summer it is great as the sun is up relatively late (although it makes getting him down at his actual bedtime a little tricky as we are often only home just before then and we still need to get him fed and clean).  Here are a few shots from the other day.

Ben loves Summer

I know I post a lot of pics of my son, Ben, here, but, this is my blog and I can do as I will.  And, really, wouldn’t you?  Ben loves the warm weather but, as much as it pains me to say, we will have to cut his hair for next summer.  It is just so hot.  Not looking forward to that day.

Ben doing his best Farrah Fawcett impression

Here is another post of my son, Ben, doing his best Farrah Fawcett impression.  He often gets mistaken for a girl when we are out and I am completely fine with this as it is our decision to let his hair grow and knew very well that it would happen.  Would you want to cut that hair?  Anyway, while we were out for a walk he decided that he wanted to wear mom’s sunglasses and I had to shoot off a few frames.  Such a beautiful little man.