Clan Monaghan

Moments pass and memories fade, even the ones we try desperately to hold on to.  This is why we take photographs, as a visual anchor to the past.  In doing so, we not only remember and learn from past experiences, but are reminded of the beauty and love that surrounds us.  Very grateful to haveContinue reading “Clan Monaghan”

Niyathi & Family

Niyathi and her lovely family are moving back to Mumbai soon and wanted to have a family shoot done before they left to help the family remember what a great place SA is and what a lovely time they had living here.  The girls especially will miss it as the youngest, Samyra, was very youngContinue reading “Niyathi & Family”

Rutherford Family

Karyn was gifted one of my family shoot vouchers by a mutual friend of ours.  I love helping to capture memories for people, especially with young children as they grow so fast and vouchers make great gifts which keep giving for years to come.  Little Courtney was a little shy at first but that onlyContinue reading “Rutherford Family”