Powell Family

Very chuffed with this beautiful family’s shoot.  To start off, I think that, in any industry, when we are paid a compliment by our peers and people who’s work we admire and find inspiring, does seem to have more weight behind it.  I am not saying that compliments from all my beautiful clients isn’t appreciated, but you do feel it more so when it comes from within your own industry.  This is where Nicole and her beautiful little family come in.  Nicole got in touch with me to shoot the three of them as she said she loved my style.  Now, Nicole is a very talented photographer in her own right so having someone who makes such beautiful images say they would like me to make beautiful images of her family because she loves my work really does feel great.  The shoot took place in the New Germany Nature Reserve which I had been visiting often in the months previously and while I had shot images of my own family there, this was the first client job that I had shot there and, I think you will agree, the images came out wonderfully (although it would be difficult not to make beautiful images of this family).

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