Kloof & Highway SPCA

I have been popping up to the Kloof & Highway SPCA quite a lot recently to take photos of their rescue animals to try and help them get adopted.  I also shot some images for Christmas cards for them so if you are still planning on buying some, please consider these as they need all the help raising funds that they can get.  If you are considering getting an animal, please think about adopting instead of buying and animal.  There are so many wonderful animals that need forever homes there that is really doesn’t make any sense to spend money on a pet.  The Kloof & Highway SPCA also has wonderful grounds with a coffee shop and many, many second hand shops selling everything from clothes, jewellery and household items to books (fantastic second hand book shop) and vinyl records (huge selection).  Theses shops are like treasure troves and, with a little patience and a little hunt around, you are sure to find something that grabs your eye.  Follow them on Facebook and Instagram as they post new images of animals looking for homes regularly.  Book a shoot with me for you and your furred, feathered or scaled family and 25% of my shoot fee will be donated to the Kloof & Highway SPCA.


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