South Atlantic Sojourn

For anyone interested in reading the dramatic tale of the final adventures of the crew and ultimate demise of the yacht Chricanto, read this article written by my father, Richard Cousens. (Red link below)

South Atlantic Sojourn


Richard Cousens

2 thoughts on “South Atlantic Sojourn

  1. Really enjoyed reading the South Atlantic Soujorn Anthony.

    Years ago, my father sold the Optimist (with the blue hull on the deck of Chricanto) to Richard & of course was my first sailing dinghy bought in Preston Lancashire UK.

    Unsure of what happened to her during all of this adventure, but would like to know.

    I am a frequent traveler now to The Falklands, St Helena, Ascension & Cape Verde. Would be nice to get to Tristan one day.

    Best Regards

    Jon Seed (Son of Jack & Yvonne Seed)


    1. Hi Jon. Great connecting with you. I was a little kid back in those days so only vaguely remember your folks but your dad’s name comes up in many stories.

      As for the Optimist, when we had been trying to get to Tristan my dad put a message with our situation,position and contact details for family back in South Africa written on both it and our windsurfer board and sent them off. No one ever contacted our family so either we can only assume they were compleatly lost.

      I suffered terribly from seasickness (was sick for at least two days every time we went out sailing) so I have never had an interest of going out to sea (other than surfing) but know my dad misses the sailing days.

      Will let my folks know you were in touch. Safe sailing.

      Antony Cousens


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