Maputo Street Print

Finally had this photo framed and hung. Took it in #Maputo in 2003 when a friend of mine and I did a #roadtrip up to Inhambane from Durban, South Africa. Years later I spent a few months in Maputo working on the film “Blood Diamond”. Forward a few more years and I decided to get three copies of this image printed, numbered them and vowed not to print any more copies. I kept one print for myself and gave the other two to good friends of mine (two couples) for whom Maputo holds a special place in their lives. Vos and Val met while we were working on the movie, fell in love and got married and are happily settled back in Canada where Val is from. @robofroote and @tamloveskai rekindled an old flame, also while Rob was working on the movie and, realising their lives were meant to be spent together, married on a rooftop in Maputo. They have now settled in NZ with their lovely son, Kai. Maputo is a magical place where love can be both found and rediscovered. Click here to read the story behind the trip and to view other images from Mozambique. #photographsareforprinting #film #ilford #HP5 #filmisnotdead


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